Cadora Inc. "Show  Us Your Tests" Program

Rules & Regulations
  1. Participants must be members of Cadora Inc – either a full membership through a local group, or directly to Cadora Inc. You can sign up on line at and pay via Paypal at
  2. This program is available for tests from Training to Fourth Level.
  3. All videos must be taken from the position of the judge at C.
  4. Tests should be ridden on a flat surface with the letters clearly visible on either buckets, walls or fences.
  5. If you are riding in Training level, you have the option to ride in a 20 x 40 m ring.
  6. You must indicate which test you are riding when you submit your video link. Western dressage tests are permitted, however, riders must also provide a link to the specific test.
  7. Your attire should be neat and tidy (as should your horse), but you are not required to wear show clothes or braid your horse’s mane.
  8. Upload a copy of your video to your own YouTube channel and provide a link and password if you make it a private channel. For instructions on creating a Youtube account, please visit:
  9. Alternatively, you can send an email link to a cloud server…, icloud, etc. OR use or to send a large file. DO NOT SEND THE VIDEO FILE VIA REGULAR EMAIL.
  10. Links should be emailed to
  11. Fee per test is $20. Two tests can be reviewed for $30, but must be submitted at the same time. There are no refunds under any circumstances. Fees are also payable via Paypal. To pay via Paypal, use the following link:
  12. Tests will be reviewed by a licensed EC/DC dressage judge, and returned to you with comments and marks within 2-3 weeks.
  13. All videos and tests will be kept confidential.
  14. This program is designed to provide you with feedback on your riding progress without the cost of attending a competition. Scores and comments are the opinion of the judge and are final.


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