Stephen Clarke Report - BC 2017 Symposium

Report from 1st / Western Vice-President, Awards Claire Vessey

First of all I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this clinic such a success. 

A very special thank you goes out to Sam Reid and her whole family who worked so hard to prepare Fairlawn Equestrian Centre for the clinic.

Thank you to the riders who rode in the clinic, the auditors who were able to witness the “magic” that takes place when Stephen Clarke works with the riders and to the volunteers who spent so much of their valuable time to help.

As all of you know, volunteers are the backbone of any successful project and the volunteers that made the clinic such a success were:

  • Heather Cormie and her husband Neil,
  • Christina Nash and her mother Gail,
  • April Leung and her daughter,
  • Jan Rioux,
  • Kelly Vassileadis,
  • Sandi Marshall,
  • Winn Armstrong,
  • Taylor and Morgan Drew-Jones and
  • David Rosensweig.

Thanks also go out to our photographers:

Sponsors also play a great part in making clinics a success.  Sincere thanks to Victoria-Saanich CADORA for their donation regarding the cost of the portable toilet and to Horse Council BC for their approval of our Zone 6 grant funding. 

Pearls of Stephen Clarke's Wisdom

  • You can only collect a horse as much as he is going forward
  • The reward of coming back is the going forward
  • Don’t hold a horse’s head in position, put it in place
  • In piaffe, get a reaction first, and then get in rhythm.  Once you get reaction, your body does the rest.
  • Take a break after a good moment rather than when the rider needs a break
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, perfect comes later

We are very lucky to have Stephen Clarke return to Victoria on Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th, 2018 to hear more of his “pearls of wisdom”.  

Don’t forget to put these dates in your calendar! 

Many Thanks to our Generous Sponsors!

Horse Council BC
for their generous donation

Victoria Saanich Cadora
for their generous donation




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