The CADORA Inc. Omnibus contains information on the CADORA National Awards Programme (revised, January, 2011), the Cadora L-Inc Programme (new, January, 2003), and the Cadora Fund-a-Judge (instituted, January, 2010) and (as of 2012) the Junior Award Programme. As well, it includes all EC/DC dressage tests, all FEI dressage tests and the newly-written Cadora Inc. dressage tests. [Many of the Cadora INC tests were updated in 2015.]

Any changes to information contained in the Omnibus must be forwarded to the editor [Don Barnes] no later than December 1st of the current year to ensure inclusion in the subsequent edition.

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CADORA Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM)

Cadora's Policies & Procedures Manual was last updated in 2012. Due to the high cost of printing and shipping, we are now offering this as a read-only PDF free of charge.

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CADORA E-INK Monthly News Blasts

Cadora Ink is the national e-newsletter and starting in 2012, Cadora Inc. began publishing three editions per year for the benefit of all Cadora members across the country. We are represented by one provincial organizations and 15 (approx) individual groups representing approximately 650 members.

Cadora is a grassroots dressage organization dedicated to the promotion of dressage. At a national level, we offer annual awards and bursaries; in addition, we organise one major educational clinic annually offered in two locations, one in the East and one in the West of our vast country. At the local group level, our members organize clinics, competitions, all manner of events and fundraisers, all to foster and promote interest in dressage.

Cadora Ink provides all the latest Cadora news and updates of interest to our members as well as profiles, features of interest and member-contributed articles. If you are interested in submitting and article, please contact our Newsletter Editor, Angela Booth Malleau at:

Deadlines for contributions or advertising:

May INK: April 15
September INK: August 15
December INK: November 15

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