CADORA Inc. memberships can be submitted to National either via a local chapter or group or by completing the national membership form on this web site. The membership fee (when joining via a local group) is split into local, provincial (where applicable) and national portions. Annual membership fees vary depending on the group's structure. Some groups offer "associate" and/or "newsletter only" memberships.

To Join:

Contact the chapter of your choice and ask them to forward your fees and membership application form.
Direct ALL new/renewed membership applications to the LOCAL CADORA GROUP MEMBER ORGANIZATION nearest you or join directly by using the Cadora INC membership form here.

Pay Online!

You can now pay for your membership online by sending an e-transfer to
Please complete and email your membership form to

You can join at any time.  Join before July 1st of the current year in order to be eligible for year-end awards.



What CADORA Inc. Provides for Members

CADORA is a volunteer association made up of multiple local chapters, or groups, across the country. Anyone who does anything within the association in any capacity, from the local to the national level does not get paid.

A CADORA membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

1. Privileges of Membership:

  • Right to vote (Seniors joined with National prior to July 1)
  • Attendance at Annual General Meetings
  • Automatic registration into the year-end awards program

NOTE: To retain voting privileges senior memberships must be received by the National Membership Secretary by July 1 of the current year.

2. Benefits of Membership:

  • Low membership fees for value received
  • CADORA Inc. Omnibus (Current USEF & FEI tests/Freestyles/PDD)
  • CADORA gift
  • Awards Program
  • L-Inc Program
  • Income Tax Receipts for sponsorships/donations
  • Fund-a-Judge Program
  • CADORA Inc Policies & Procedures Manual (includes "How to run a Dressage Competition")
  • Memorabilia (rain covers, test planners, and stall info cards on request)

3. Activities (provided mainly by local volunteers):

  • Competitions: Bronze, Silver [ON only], Gold, Platinum (CDIs)
  • Championship Competitions: Provincial, Provincial Circuit [ON only], National
  • Workshops, Seminars, Clinics etc ...
  • Social gatherings, lectures, video evenings etc ...
  • Meetings


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